1. wetheurban:

    SPOTLIGHT: Brilliant Street Art by Plastic Jesus

    Plastic Jesus, he’s here to save us! 

    Somehow, the Los Angeles-based artist manufactures these amazing intricate sculptures, such as a giant $100 bill in a pile of faux-caine, next to a massive “American Excess” credit card, or a giant spilled can of Mountain Dew cordoned off as if it were toxic waste.

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  2. streetetiquette:

    The Black Ivy (animated) by Gyimah Gariba (2011)

    Just came across these drawings from my good friend and animator Gyimah Gariba in my inbox circa 2011 or so, I don’t think anyone has seen these images outside of Gyimah and myself. He is definitely a super talented artist, if you haven’t checked out his work you can do so here 

    Awesome to see our editorial in animation form.. ha

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    Heaven and earth…

  5. Night Out

  6. Love at Night

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  10. ugg I love my new scanner

  12. After the Rain